October 6, 2023

ILG Legal Office Takes on Tesla: Fighting Workplace Discrimination and Wrongful Termination

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ILG Legal Office has recently filed a wrongful termination lawsuit on behalf of Cindy K. Hernandez against automaker Tesla in the Santa Clara County Superior Court. Ms. Hernandez, a former advisor at Tesla, has come forward with allegations of racial and age-related discrimination during her employment at the company. Legal news site law.com reported on the case here.

In her role at Tesla, Ms. Hernandez was responsible for guiding customers through showrooms, assisting with vehicle sales, and providing customer service. Despite her dedication and professionalism, she was subjected to multiple instances of harassment and discrimination from her manager and coworkers. Tesla employees made various comments about her age, including questions about her retirement plans and remarks about her continuing to work at her age.

The lawsuit also brings attention to the behavior of Ms. Hernandez’s direct manager, who made unprovoked and embarrassing statements in front of customers she was assisting. Furthermore, the manager also made inappropriate comments about Ms. Hernandez’s physical features and cultural background. Tesla’s general manager for North America, did not intervene during these incidents and even joined in the laughter, contributing to a hostile work environment.

In addition to the claims of racial and age-related discrimination, Ms. Hernandez also suffered unlawful retaliation. Tesla terminated her employment on false grounds of “stealing company property,” despite having received proper authorization from a manager to take a company car overnight. Ms. Hernandez is seeking a jury trial, penalties against Tesla, and various forms of damages and compensation.

Our team, led by attorney Stephen Ilg, is fully committed to representing Ms. Hernandez in this case. While the legal process is still ongoing, we are optimistic that this case will serve as a catalyst for positive change at the automaker, emphasizing the importance of fair treatment in the workplace for individuals of all ages and ethnicities.

We are steadfast in our commitment to justice and fair treatment in the workplace, and we look forward to keeping you updated on the progress of this important case. We are asking anyone with information about discrimination at Tesla to contact our office.