February 1, 2024

ILG Legal Helps Secure $1.89 Million Class Action Settlement in Bank of America Case

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On January 11, 2024, in federal court, ILG Legal Office, PC helped secure approval of a $1.89 million
settlement fund on behalf of approximately 16,577 current and former employees. Stephen Noel Ilg
appeared along with lead counsel Justin Marquez of Wilshire Firm, to argue in support of the settlement
that will end litigation that spanned almost six (6) years. In February 2018, ILG Legal Office, PC filed a
class action claim in the Superior Court in Oakland, California which Bank of America removed to federal
court. Around the same time, a similar lawsuit was filed by Wilshire Law Firm. The two law firms joined
forces and helped navigate a series of battles with the banking giant, including motions to dismiss and
for summary judgment.

Bank of America will pay $1.5 million to resolve the claims and may pay up to $1.89 million depending
on whether the final number of applicable employee pay periods worked during the relevant time
period is higher than the estimate provided during negotiations.

After years of discovery, motion practice, and even appellate briefs, the parties negotiated a resolution
of all class action and PAGA claims. The $1.89 million settlement resolves claims of 16,577 workers, and
the group appeared to support the class settlement in that zero workers objected to the deal and only
six (6) workers opted out of the deal.

The Court praised the attorneys involved for their superb professionalism during the lengthy class
action’s history. In granting the attorney fee award, the Court approved Stephen Noel Ilg work to be
paid at the rate of $750 per hour based on a series of legal accomplishments in employment law,
particularly in employment cases.

The class action case alleged that Bank of America violated a series of employment rules, which the Bank
denied. More specifically, Plaintiffs claimed that the Bank owed workers money for failing to pay
minimum wages, failing to pay overtime wages, failing to provide meal periods, failing to authorize and
permit rest periods, failing to pay meal and rest premium payments at the correct rate of pay, failing to
timely pay final wages at termination, and failing to provide accurate itemized wage statements.
ILG Legal Office, PC thanks the Court for approving this excellent deal and applauds the Class
Representatives for their stellar work leading this complex case.