March 8, 2024

A Victory for Attorney-Client Privilege

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In a legal landscape where the preservation of attorney-client privilege is paramount, ILG Legal’s recent court victory underscores our commitment to defending this foundational principle of law. Our recent success on behalf of Kenneth Freedman against invasive discovery requests highlights the importance of protecting confidential legal communications.

The dispute originated from Plaintiff’s attempt to compel Mr. Freedman and his mostly retired firm to produce privileged documents and information pertaining to clients. Plaintiff’s demands were staggering in their scope: seeking privileged documents and information spanning over a decade. Plaintiff’s motion was based on the slender pretext that Mr. Freedman’s firm had once engaged a contract attorney who had also worked for Plaintiff’s firm. Complying with Plaintiff’s demands would effectively erode the attorney-client privilege that is vital to the practice of law.

Faced with this challenge, ILG Legal Office mounted a robust defense, emphasizing the sanctity of privileged communication and the baselessness of Plaintiff’s request. Our argument was vindicated in a ruling by the Superior Court of California, County of Santa Clara, which recognized the excessive and improper nature of the discovery requests.

The court granted, in part, ILG Legal’s motion for a protective, significantly curbing Plaintiff’s demands. The court found the number of discovery requests to be excessive and that the attempt to uncover the identity of certain clients posed serious concerns. The court mandated the production of only a minimal set of information within very narrow parameters, focusing on non-confidential client details and only for a short timeframe. This ruling protected the confidentiality of the Mr. Freedman’s attorney-client communications, thus preserving the integrity of attorney-client privilege.

This victory is not merely a win for Kenneth Freedman and ILG Legal, but a win for all legal professionals and their clients. It reaffirms the critical importance of attorney-client privilege as the bedrock of our legal system and demonstrates our firm’s diligent effort and unwavering dedication to protecting our clients’ rights and interests.

At ILG Legal Office, we are inspired by this outcome and remain dedicated to upholding the highest standards of legal practice. We extend our deepest gratitude to our legal team and our client, Kenneth Freedman, for their trust and resilience throughout this process. Together, we have helped ensure that the confidentiality of legal communications remains inviolable.