January 31, 2018

2017—Looking Back on a Great Year: Over 100 Clients With Perfect Client Reviews

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ILG Legal takes pride in representing both corporate employers and individual workers. As of 2016, our attorneys had already helped thousands of workers recover money they were owed via class action claims, particularly those focusing on unpaid wages. In 2017, the firm celebrated representing its 100th individual client, a California-based small business who had received a demand letter threatening a new employment lawsuit. We are grateful that after more than 100 clients we have an unbeatable track record: perfect reviews on all three platforms. Our Yelp, Facebook, and Avvo scores are all 5 out of 5! We also won Avvo’s Client Choice Award twice since we opened in March 2015. We believe servicing over 100 clients with perfect reviews is our greatest accomplishment to date.
“The Client’s goal is the only goal in the dispute” has been the first principle of our Mission Statement since we signed our first client in 2015. ILG Legal set out to create a more client-centered approach to legal practice. We think the stellar reviews after more than 100 clients prove that our Mission Statement is more than just words on digital paper; instead, it is a creed we live by, and our clients sense it.



Many businesses live by the saying, “A referral is the best compliment someone can give us.” If that’s true we have a lot of “thank you” cards to write. We’re happy to report we’ve had many referrals from the typical sources—clients, family members, and friends. We had two highly unusual referrals of which we are especially proud.

A mediator with one of the two largest mediation companies had worked with ILG Legal once, mediating a complex case that didn’t settle at mediation but settled soon afterward. A few months later, the mediator heard of a strong employment case and sent the individual directly to ILG Legal. That was quite a compliment.

The single greatest referral, though, initially looked like an ethical violation. A few weeks after we settled a claim against a large corporation, we received a voicemail from the corporation’s General Counsel. The voicemail referenced a worker with a new claim who would likely be a great client for us. At first, listen, it sounded as if the General Counsel was calling to introduce us to someone who would sue his corporation! That would be highly unusual, if not unethical. We spoke a few days later, and it turned out the potential client was the General Counsel’s close friend who needed an employment attorney regarding a wrongful termination claim against an unrelated company. The General Counsel, who was our opponent on a single case, considered us professional and effective enough that when his close friend needed an employment attorney, he thought of us. If we had to give an award for the best referral ever, this would be hard to top.


Although less important than our perfect client reviews and diverse referrals, we were very excited to receive several noteworthy awards this year. ILG Legal was named one of the “10 Best” California Employment Law Firms in Client Satisfaction by the American Institute of Legal Counsel, and Owner Stephen Noel Ilg was named one of the Top 40 Employment Lawyers Under 40 by the American Society of Legal Advocates.


Thank you to all of the clients, family members, friends, mediators, and even opposing attorneys that have trusted us to help resolve their legal problems.